Krystal-Klean™ Products

What Is Krystal-Klean ™?

Krystal-Klean™ is a specially designed acid clay for purifying hydrocarbon solvent used in dry cleaning machines.

How can Krystal-Klean™ help me?

  • Krystal -Klean™ effectively removes moisture, odors, dyes, and NVRs from solvent (i e. DF2000) used in dry cleaning machines.
  • Krystal -Klean™ is very easy to use and cost-effective.
  • Krystal -Klean™ is non-hazardous and environmentally safe.

Why is Krystal-Klean™ special?

Krystal-Klean™ Powder is produced by optimizing the acid activating process and by selecting the proper bentonite clay. Krystal-Klean™ has the following properties:

  1. High surface area -an acid activation process increases the surface area of the clay by several times, which increases the adsorption* capacity.
  2. Higher surface acid sites -causing reactions yielding products which are more readily adsorbed and/or have different colors.
  3. Modify surface chemistry -more silanol groups and surface oxygen atoms free of adsorbed cations― except hydrogen, which can selectively adsorb polarized molecules such as dyes.
  4. Improved filtration -careful activation process, dying, and grinding improve the physical filtration which may entangle some colored bodies.


Krystal-Klean™ Powder can effectively remove moisture, odors, dyes, and NVRs from most solvents, including petroleum, perc, or GreenEarth®- leaving your solvent clean and pure. (In other words, leaving your solvent KRYSTAL KLEAN!)

- Adsorption is the adhesion of molecules of gas. liquid, or dissolved solids to a surface. This process creates a film of the adsorbate (the molecules or atoms being accumulated) on th surface of the adsorbent. It differs from absorption, in which a fluid permeates or is dissolved by a liquid or solid.

Cation is any positively charged atom or group of atoms.

You can purchase Krystal-Klean™ powder in:

  • Economical 55-pound bulk bags

If you purchase Krystal-Klean™ in bulk form, we recommend that you store it, paper bag and all, in a plastic receptacle with a liner. In fact, it fits perfectly into a 20-gallon container. This will help keep the powder moisture free. You can then make your own one pound packages, using specially made disposable Lint-All bags that can be reused 5-6 times. Or you can use a 200-300 thread count pillow case. However, when using a pillow case, check the seams. You may need to re-stitch for tighter seams. Put one pound of Krystal-Klean™ powder into the corner of the pillow case, zip tie, fold over, as if you were folding socks, and zip tie closed. For added convenience, I suggest you make up 4-5 bags at a time and put them in re-closable bags to seal out moisture. This way, you will have a bag already made up when it is time to change out the bag in your machine.

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