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The easiest and most cost effective way to use Krystal-Klean™ is in your button trap as a solvent maintenance product. The prepackaged bags are more convenient and less bulky than the pillow case bags, but either style should fit fine in your button trap. A one pound bag of Krystal-Klean™ should keep your solvent polished for about 1000 pounds of clothes. Of course, this will vary according to the types of clothes you are cleaning and how much dye bleeding has occurred. To maximize the effect of Krystal Klean, each day when you clean lint from your button trap, redistribute the powder. When the powder is spent or has exhausted all its purifying properties, it will be a dark reddish color. Simply remove the bag, and let it drain overnight.

You can dispose of the powder the same way that you do your filters. Again, the amount of Krystal-Klean™ you use and how often you change out the bag in your button trap will depend on the size of your machine and the types of garments you are cleaning.

If your solvent gets contaminated because of a leaking coil or excessive dye bleeding, you can "shock" your system by putting a 1 pound bag or 1-2 cups of loose powder in the basket and running your wash cycle for 30-45 minutes. Depending on the amount of contamination, you might have to do this process several times. This method also works if you are using spin discs. Simply substitute Krystal-Klean™ as your pre-coating product. However, because Krystal-Klean™ is designed to restore your solvent to its virgin state, you will have to adjust your soap charge as necessary.

Krystal-Klean™ Spanish Instructions


Prop6 sito del uso:

Usando este metodo una vez por semana, los tintes, la humedad, 105 olores, y otros contaminantes sera quitado. EI 501 vente seguirâ siendo IImpio y puro.

Materiales necesirados:

2 libras. Paiva de Krystal Klean™
1 caja de Ja almohadilla 0 cubierta de Zippered (cuenta de 200 hilos de rosea) 0
Pelusa-Todo bolso disponible de KK
Lazos pequeños de 1 cierre relampago del paquete

Instrucciones para el uso :

Vierta el polvo de Krystal Klean™ en caja 0 bolso de la almohadll1a; Sacudara a la esquina de la caja de la almohadilla 0 del bolso disponible y utillice el lazo del cierre relampago para cerrarse firmemente.

Doble la caja de la almohadilla encima (como calcetines que doblan); Utilice el lazo del clerre relampago para cerrarse firmemente .

Opcion A:

Coloque la caja de la almohadilla 0 el bolso del polvo de Krystal Klean™ dentro de la trampa del boton

Funcione a traves par 2-5 dias (NO BLOQUEE El DREN) Compruebe el bolso de vez en cuando y redistribuya el polvo segun la necesitado

Option B:

Coloque la caja de la alrnohadilla a el bolso del polvo de Krystal Klean™ dentro de la máquina Funcione durante cicio de la colada solamente en de alto nlvel ( si es posible) par 20 - 25 minutos 0 prolongue el tiempo segun la necesitada

Uso MINIMO extracto solamente (10· 15 segundos de la extracciOn)

Opcion C:

Para la clalificacion del disco de la vuelta

Coloque 1·2 libras de polvo flojo de Krystal Klean™ dentro de la rueda de la maquina y circule a traves de los filtros de discos de fa vuelto hasta que se alcanza la claridad solvente optima. Continlle la maquina corriente hasta que el disco de la vuelta necesita ser descargado.

En el final de la opcion, Quite la caja o el bolso de la almohadilla y disponga del polvo por estado regulaciones. El polvo es bueno para UN uso solamente

Lave la caja de la almohadilla y reutil ice 0 deseche el bolso disponible con el palvo lIsado. Ajuste la carga del jabon cuanto sea necesario

Para el mantenlmiento semanal, se prefiere la opciOn A a menos que no hay trampa del boton presente

Para la resolucl6n lapida del salvenle contaminado, la opcion B se prefiere y puede sel cambinado con la opclon A 0 la opcion C para la claridad salvente adlclonal

Si es excesivo la humedad estaba presente antes de este procedimiento, aireaeion y el revolvimiento!el barrer del tanque se recomienda despues de que S€ haya purificado el solvente. Los fil tros deben tambien sel camblados .

Krystal-Klean™ Instructions

Materials Needed:

  • 2 ea. 1 lb Krystal Klean™ Powder packets or 2 lbs. Krystal Klean™ Powder bulk powder
  • 1 Pillow Case or Zippered Cover (200 thread count) or Lint-All Disposable KK Bag
  • 1 Small package Zip Ties

Instructions for Use:

If using bulk powder, Pour 2 pounds Krystal Klean™ Powder into pillow case or bag; Shake to corner of pillow case or disposable bag and use Zip Tie to close tightly Fold pillow case over (like folding socks); Use Zip tie to close tightly.

Option A:

Place 2 lbs of Krystal Klean™ Powder inside button trap. Run through for 2-5 days (DO NOT BLOCK DRAIN) Check bag(s) occasionally and redistribute powder as needed

Option B:

Place pillow case or bag of Krystal Klean™ Powder or two packets inside machine Run through wash cycle only on HIGH level (if possible) for 20-25 minutes or extend time as needed Use MINIMAL extract only (10-15 seconds of extraction)

Option C:

For Spin Disc Clarification Place 1-2 lbs of loose Krystal Klean™ Powder inside wheel of machine and circulate through spin disc filters until optimal solvent clarity is achieved. Continue running machine until spin disc needs to be dumped.

At end of either option, remove pillow case, bag, or packets and dispose of powder per local, state, and federal regulations. Powder is good for ONE use only.

Wash pillow case and reuse or discard disposable bag with used powder. Adjust soap charge as necessary

For regular maintenance, Option A is preferred unless no button trap is present.

For quick resolution of contaminated solvent, Option B is preferred and can be combined with Option A or Option C for additional solvent clarity. Depending on severity of contamination, procedute may need to be repeated.

If excessive moisture was present prior to this procedure, aeration and stirring/sweeping of the tank is recommended after solvent has been purified.

Filters must also be changed.

Krystal-Klean™ Product Demonstration