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Krystal-Klean™ Powder is the next generation of solvent purification that can be used with dry cleaning machines using cartridge or spin disc filtration. Krystal-Klean™ Powder removes moisture, odors, dyes and NVRs through a revolutionary, non-hazardous filtration media.

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The next generation of solvent purification that can be used with dry cleaning machines.


The master distributor of Krystal-Klean™ powder is Mr. Jack Godfrey. Jack is a second generation dry cleaner who has been a pioneer in our industry for over 60 years. Jack was a key part of the important and innovative thinking in the development of Krystal-Klean™ powder. Because of the escalating costs of solvent, Jack wanted to find a cost-effective solution that will allow you to spend more time building your business, not worrying about keeping your solvent clean and polished...

55 Lb Bulk Bag
1Lb Packs
Jumbo Filter
Regular Filter

The Wonderful thing about Krystal-Klean ™

  • You never have to distill again.
  • You never have to dispose contaminated solvent again.
  • KRYSTAL-KLEAN™ will remove all the impurities out of your solvent.

Your customers will be happier with you using Krystal-Klean™ because their whites will be whiter and their colors will be brighter. Your bottom line will be happier because you will reduce your solvent and filter expense, reduce your utility expense, and reduce your labor and time expense...

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